The Tag Dilemma

Although I am quite new to blogging, I am well aware that a traditional part of posting a text online is tagging it. Which traps me in a dilemma of thinking up appropriate tags (данная проблема слегка усугубляется некоторым количеством праздничных возлияний). The problem is, the only two tags I keep thinking up would sound something like Stuff I’m (re-) discovering and Stuff I’m (obsessively) thinking about. Since both are likely to be applied to the same text, I might as well efficiently shorten it all to Stuff. And although I am rather pleased with this resourceful brilliance of mine, I suspect that a series of blog posts all tagged Stuff would leave my colleagues somewhat unimpressed.

But how does one come up with key words to sum up her thinking and topics? Brevity was one of the skills I had to learn quite persistently before I finally felt I’m getting a hang of it. In this context, my AP English teacher in high school, Joe Riener, was most wise to require that all our essays total a maximum of 500 words – despite the fights I picked with him over it in the 1990s. When I first started, the weekly work I submitted to him kept hitting thousands of words; two years later, by graduation, I could make any argument in 500 quite efficiently. But even our dear Joe never pushed us to sum up concepts in just one word.

Something about having to think up and apply these labels quite disturbs me.

So I’ll have to find a way to handle that.

(Tag: Stuff)



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