Drobitsky Yar – 2

A shortened version of the Drobitsky Yar piece is printed in the Memory at War newsletter (Issue No. 11, October 2012) — just in time to mark the October 24 anniversary of the occupation of Kharkov.

Update: Tatyana Bezzubkina of the Drobitsky Yar memorial office sent two clarifications, which I thought important to share:

  • Babii Yar saw the first attempt to exterminate Jews on a mass scale within a short period of time. The 33 thousand mentioned in the original post were shot within only two days. Overall, however, the victims of Babii Yar number around 100 000.
  • Executions in Drobitsky Yar lasted from the end of December 1941 to mid-January 1942.  As for temperatures, witness reports start at -15 °C and go all the way down to -25 °C. This may be a matter of time of day.



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