Conference at Columbia

While I come up an overdue update piece for this blog, here’s a conference announcement: Please join us on March 12-13 at Columbia University for a conversation about “Kharkiv: City of Ukrainian Culture“. It is free and open to the public. From the press release:

Often identified as a Russian-speaking city with strong ties to Russia, Kharkiv has, in fact, been crucial to the development of Ukrainian culture. The conference Kharkiv: City of Ukrainian Culture will look at three periods where Kharkiv was at the center of Ukrainian culture.  In those periods, Romantic (1830s-40s), Early Soviet (1920s-30s) and post-Soviet (1991-today), Kharkiv gathered many of the greatest Ukrainian artists and intellectuals and was a hub of vibrant cultural debate and activity; during each of those three eras, the city defined the dynamics and trends in Ukrainian culture. Kharkiv: City of Ukrainian Culture will gather an international group of scholars of Kharkiv at Columbia University in order to analyze the city’s past and present contributions to Ukrainian culture and identity as well as to look at the historical, political and sociological conditions of those three periods that spawned these developments. Participants will include: Mark Andryczyk, Olga Bertelsen, Serhiy Bilenky, Vitaly Chernetsky, Halyna Hryn, Albert Kipa, Taras Koznarsky, Volodymyr Kravchenko, Michael Moser, Yuri Shevchuk, Myroslav Shkandrij, Tetiana Shestopalova, Tanya Zaharchenko, Serhiy Zhadan, and Tatiana Zhurzhenko.

If discussions sound unexciting, come still — if nothing else, to hear Zhadan perform. Here are some useful downloads:

Hope to see you in New York City!

… Will they be able to tell their own children and grandchildren how in their peaceful sky, right above their heads, one could still behold the majestic fading flashes of history; this history was distant and inaccessible and had a bloodred hue – like tulips, like blood, like coca-cola. — Serhiy Zhadan

More soon…

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