Ireland’s centenary (1916-2016)

Some notes on Ireland’s commemoration this weekend, in Dublin and beyond, of the anniversary of its Easter Rising (1916-2016).


Advice for Einstein applicants

Some of the most common questions I have received from prospective applicants for the Einstein Fellowship.

Post-Submission Thoughts

Here are five thoughts about the things I wish I knew three or four years ago, when I started this blog and was just beginning to research my topic:

What a New Doctoral Candidate (in Britain) Might Want to Know

Summer Institute

It looks like this summer will bring more blog content on the concept of the image (and the visual field in general). I’ve just received news of a place at the SIAS (Some Institutes for Advanced Study) Summer Institute called Scenes from the History of the Image: Reading Two Millennia of Conflict.

Il Palio: a Lesson in Boundaries

After these two PhD years, by the end of Easter term, I was understandably ready for a little break – ideally, away from Slavonics, and ideally, away from memory studies in general. So when an opportunity cropped up to spend some time in Siena this summer, I jumped at the chance. And who wouldn’t?

Massacre of Ray

I’ve been wanting to write this down for quite a while – for a year, actually. There is a place in Donegal which, to me, represents memory and memory studies combined. But in a bizarre turn of events, it is all but remembered in the wider world.

On Skydiving

Moving this blog to a non-academic server has made its subject matter slightly more manoeuvrable. As a result, this is a post about one of the things that bring me joy – skydiving. It is dedicated to the memory of my first instructor Matthew Sarsfield (5 Oct 1977 – 27 May 2011).

Death and the Maiden: Roberto’s Choice

“She’s mad, she needs therapy.” — “You are her therapy.” When I watched Ariel Dorfman’s “Death and the Maiden” (directed by Roman Polanski in 1994) for the first time, I had just entered my teens. And I remember feeling overcome by something that felt like a silver-lined cloud. The silver lining was a sense of…