Advice for Einstein applicants

Some of the most common questions I have received from prospective applicants for the Einstein Fellowship.


In Germany

Now, I take up the 2015 Einstein Fellowship at the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany — with a rather personal (and rather mysterious) research project I will soon blog about.

Post-Submission Thoughts

Here are five thoughts about the things I wish I knew three or four years ago, when I started this blog and was just beginning to research my topic:

What a New Doctoral Candidate (in Britain) Might Want to Know

End of Year 3

Here it is — the end of year 3. The usual mayhem of May Week is over, and all undergraduates have gone home. Chatty tourists, excited summer-schoolers and stressed graduate students now inhabit Cambridge. As for me, it seems I’ll be staying at least another term. Submission goal: winter of 2013/14.

(S)kill of the Abstract

Writing an abstract (otherwise known as brutally chopping dozens of monumental pages, into which you’ve put all your mental energy for weeks, into several blank concise sentences that are supposed to sound attractive) is a skill everyone in academia has to survive learn upon their very first peer review submission.

Article and Invitation

It’s hard to believe that a brand new spring, my third one in Cambridge, is already here. One wouldn’t know it from the weather outside, but the feeling stubbornly persists: it’s March, and this academic term is drawing to a close. One month from now, on April 10, I’ll be giving a talk on “Understanding Polyphony:…

Welcoming 2013

Looking forward to the publication of an article in Canada this spring, and awaiting editorial decisions on two other texts, I’m facing the fact that this year, 2013, sits in my LinkedIn profile as the expected PhD completion date.

And Summer Comes

Another long delay. Perhaps a good place to start would be a piece called “Kharkov motifs: Three variations” / “Харьковские мотивы в трёх вариациях” that appeared on Historians-in-UA this past April. It is written in Russian and Ukrainian. Here is a brief overview in English:


It’s been a long time since I had a chance to update this blog. The second year has whirlpooled me (and everyone else, I suspect) into a new loop of work. (Why isn’t there a better English word for виток?…) This year is better than the first one – more focused and far clearer as…

Graduate Reseach Triangle

11 – 12 March 2011 (King’s College, Cambridge) This past March King’s College hosted the inaugural Graduate Reseach Triangle conference on cultural memory in Eastern Europe. I was part of the literary panel, and presented primarily on Voroshylovhrad. My coverage of that event in English came out in our May 2011 newsletter.